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You'll have planted a wonderful seed
Then we'll mold you a rhyme
That will stand for all time
When we send it you'll give it a read
Your options are as numerous as there are personalities, sensibilities 
and budgets. Your basic greeting card limerick (2 verses) is $29.50 USD.
After that it's an extra $10 per verse.
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clean, friendly, romantic
silly and platonic
silly and romantic
serious and platonic
serious and romantic
somewhat titillating and platonic
somewhat titillating and romantic
very titillating (steamy) and platonic
very titillating (steamy) and romantic
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2 - Verse Limerick - $ 29.50
3 - Verse Limerick - $ 39.50
4 - Verse Limerick - $ 49.50
5 - Verse Limerick - $ 59.50
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