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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mission ?
To provide our customers with a custom limerick writing service which they perceive as having true value.

Why should one do business with Litwit.ca ?
We sincerely make it our first priority to treat each new customer as a potential long term valued client. Also, we have invested considerable time in surveying the public as to what they want from a site which markets custom limericks on line. What you see is exactly what the public has asked for. We will continue to modify the site and services to match client expectations.

Why are limericks so popular ?
No matter one’s age, gender, profession or situation, a limerick can be crafted to professionally convey the desired message.

What sort of information do you need about the subject of the limerick ?

Our customers are urged to provide as much noteworthy information as possible about the limerick’s subject. A chronology of events, for instance, would be good in the case of a limerick being dedicated to a particular accomplishment, or embarrassment. It is helpful for us to know the approximate age of the subject as well, in order to make appropriate references to events they would recognize. The subject’s nickname, if he or she has one, is also handy. Bottom line is, you decide what information we work with.

What is the tone of the limerick ?
The customer decides this. You tell us what ‘flavor’ you like (silly, sexy, smoochy, whatever), and we take it from there.

Could a customer ask for a rhyme that isn’t in the form of a limerick ?
Definitely. If you would like a particular rhyme pattern, such as ‘aabb’ (‘a’ rhymes with ‘a’ etc), just say so and we will provide it.

How much is the price of a custom limerick ?
$29.50 (US) for two verses, and $10 for each additional verse.

How long does it take to receive my custom limerick ?
24 hours.

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